animated series


Teaching tax policy with short animated videos allows us to increase the accessibility of seemingly complex topics.


Ep. 1 - The Rich Pay No Taxes

people who have wealth can avoid paying taxes altogether through “Buy, Borrow, Die“

Ep. 3 - A Better Way to Tax

However, There’s a solution for this disparity…

Ep. 5 - Tax Cut Pie

We discuss how the tax cuts from the Trump Administration are implemented

Ep. 2 - How the Not-Rich Pay Lots of Taxes

If the Rich pay no taxes, then the Not-Rich (among other people...) pay lots of them!

Ep. 4 - Meet Tax Ghost!

The tricks of hidden taxes

Announcement - If You Can’t Beat Them…!

We went on hiatus and are working to bring you new ways to approach taxes

live action videos


Our live action videos go into more detail and provide an understanding of tax policy to anybody interested, at any age.


Ep. 1 - How the Rich Don't Pay Taxes

All the rich need to do is use three simple steps: "Buy, Borrow, Die…"

Ep. 2 - How the Not-Rich Pay Lots of Taxes

On the flip side, lower and middle income people are forced to pay lots of taxes

Ep. 1.5 - How the Rich Don't Pay Taxes (Abridged)

a quick delivery of the concept of “Buy, Borrow, Die.”

Ep. 3 - Tax Cut Pie

We present the numbers on how tax cuts are shared (or not) in the U.S.

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Tax policy should not be reserved only to politicians, economists, and the rich. The people’s stake starts with understanding.